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What is Bhakti Yoga ?

"Bhakti means 'devotional service.' For us this means devotion, or love, and love implies a commitment to a life of love and service. When we talk about ''service'' we mean all and any actions and activity that are intended to please the most beloved. So the term "devotional service" is also used eloquently and interchangeably.

We know that Love - to love and be loved - is the absolute desire of every living entity. To belong and be longed for. No living entity can be happy without satisfying this love desire, and we will only perfectly satisfy and fulfill this desire when we understand our true self and reconnect with the absolute love and personal energy of the universe.

We know that as a child loves their parents, then brothers and sisters, and as they grow develops a love of family, culture, society, community, country, nation, causes or even the whole of human society. But this loving propensiy is poorly manifested and will never last or be satisfied as it is connected to material possessions and outcomes that will not last. And so this love becomes stale, disheartening and cynicism invades the heart of a being who has falsely invested their energy in material love and activities or ''Bhoga-Yoga"

Today so many false gurus and yoga teachers abound - they are just fruitive workers lost in the branches and leaves of the upside down banyan tree ( which we will discuss in another blog ) Yoga in its true form means "to connect." But Western society has become saturated with Bhoga-Yoga teachers connecting the material body with movement or fitness. All of these Yoga activities maintain the desire for material outcomes and illusion of body. Vedic texts explain that yoga is to connect with God.

Bhakti means 'true eternal love". Bhakti-yoga means to live and connecting with the Absolute personality of God, and reestablishing our relationship that we have forgotten, through the nine acts of devotional service.

True loving satisfaction - to love and be loved - only occurs when we know who is the supreme beloved.

Love becomes bliss - an all-embracing experience - when we understand that the supreme beloved, the root of all creation is not the spiritual energy of zen nothingness. The supreme personality has a personality that by Amrata Devotees can know, love and be loved by. We can refer to the Supreme or Absolute Energy by many names and many material incarnations. The Amrata Ashram knows Krishna-Rhada as the supreme personality and by embracing the energy of Krishna we successfully embrace everyone. Just as when we pour pure, clear water on the root of a tree - you successfully nourish every leaf and branch.

At the Amrata Ashram we teach the science of loving - the nectar of devotion and give every one of the living entities on this planet a perfect and easy method of loving Krishna. Amrata is not a religion it is a deep and scientific knowing that can be awakened in us all.

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