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Escape from the illusion of life

Modern society today creates the illusion of reality. We are sent the conditioned message of material wealth brings happiness and also the equality of all intelligence. We have forgoten our true selves. All life is sacred to Amrata but within this the intelligence of human life is not equal. When we try to equate equal intelligence with equality it brings conflict and distress. The purpose of human life is to allow one the opportunity to connect back with Amrata to realise the true reality and unmask the conditioning we have become confused by. People today know that this material world will not last but they do not understand that it is an illusion - no different than a dream. Due to the conditioned messages given to people they become confused and seek reality in other ways. It is now considered acceptable for fruitive workers to have many of these escapes ! This keeps them in the conditioned trap of material existence. This keeps them controlled by the demonic forces in the world. People in the modern cities have such comfortable lives but still believe they have a right to material comfort, to be lazy, escape from the work of material existence ...for a break, time off from this material life, personal time off.....the more conditioned and controlled a person becomes the more the illusion that they have independence and are free from the traps of material existence. The more trapped and ignorant they become. The unintelligent and ignorant will never see this and will cling to the conditioned message - vehemently attacking any person who suggests that their existence is a veiled illusion, a reflection and the cause of all conflict and suffering. Such people will be argumentative and disrespectful, always arguing in the age of Kali, excited by conflict and unable to be a submissive listener.

Soft green lawn bathed in sunlight on a blue sky day
Skye Meditation Gardens at the Ashram

Achieving True Peace and Happiness:

Perfection in life and happiness can only be gained though the connection to Amrata and the Absolute Truth. The skill of submissive listening in this modern world is lacking. Our devotees connect back through submissive listening to the truth of existence and find a life that ends the endless cycle of suffering, conflict and rebirth.

Here’s how to start connecting to Amrata:

  1. Stop listening to the radio

  2. Turn off notifications on your smart phone

  3. Spend 30 minutes a day listening to people who are with you - do not discuss, rebut, argue.....listen submissively and learn again to hear the truth.....then you will start to be able to hear the message of Amrata

Close your eyes and you can hear the moon sing
I see the moon and the moon sees me

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